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Kissing All Better

Toddlers are klutzy, uncoordinated, awkward, hot messes.  They trip, fall, bash their faces, bang their ginormous heads, bump into things…. If The Munch is running down a hill covered in gravel, I guarantee she will fall, bruise up her knees, and bleed.

There is nothing I can do to stop this endless annihilation of her body.  And to be honest, I don’t really give a care because I think scars are badass.  But the problem is that she gets frustrated by the surprise of being obstructed mid flow, and cries.  I really think that being startled is more upsetting than the pain.  I feel that because of this little tradition we have started to help her during these times of duress.

“Waaaaaah!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I hurt my knee Mamma! I fell and hurt my knee.”

“Do you want me to kiss it all better?”


And that is all it takes.  One kiss, and she is back living her life.  Now I know my kisses are quite powerful, but this is a serious ego trip!  My kisses are like magic!

But… and there always is a big butt… The Munch had a case of diaper rash this morning and was quite agitated when I was changing her diapi.

“Waaaaaaaah… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

“I am sorry Munch.  Does your diapi rash hurt?”

“YEAH!  Waaaaah.  Waaaaah.  Yeah! Mamma kiss all better!”

Oh dear.