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Kind of The Best Compliment Ever

When you were a kid did you ever wonder what you were going to look like when you grew up? Did you have an image of what your adult self would be like? How accurate was your vision? I guess I pretty much turned out how I expected, except now I understand that my mom was a total liar when she said that eating peas would make hair grow on my chest – which for some reason was an oddly appealing concept.

I remember imagining how I would transform as time leaked into the future, and now I get to observe The Munch do the same.

Munch: When I am big and tall like you Mamma I am going to do lots and lots and lots of back flips! And I am going to be a ballerina and dance high up on my tippy toes and wear a black tutu with pink sparkles. And I am going to eat gluten!

You know, things of this nature.

So the other day when we were changing clothes for the 4th time, The Munch looked at her nipples, and seemed to realize for the first time that they would also one day grow.

Munch: When I get bigger Mamma, I am going to have nanas too! (nana = boob)

Toni: That is right Munch. You are going to have nanas

Munch: I have nanas now, but they are just little teeney tiny nanas. But someday I will have big huge nanas like you!

Toni: Thanks Munch!

I think she was a little confused as to why I said “thanks” to her comment… but I think you all get it.

(You can’t see them here… but trust me, The Munch is totally right!)