Kicky Kicky Punch Time

As my baby is starting to be awake more, I have to start thinking about what to do with her. When she was just sleeping all the time, it was pretty easy to entertain her, and now that she is awake, I am starting to wonder what she wants to do with her time.

She isn’t really that coordinated yet, so I don’t think giving her toys makes a lot of sense. For one, she can’t hold them. For two, she can’t hold them. I just dangle it in front of her face. But is doesn’t matter what I hang over her head, it all excites her just the same. A mobile, a carrot stem, a piece of trash. Same reaction of total glee.

I find the thing that she likes to do most with her day is kicky-kicky punch time. She just kicks her little legs, and punches her stomach. I sometimes wonder if she is going to have issues with her sleep, but she seriously seems like she is having the best time, so I am just going to have to trust she is okay.

What kicky-kicky punch time has taught me is that when babies are super young, their bodies are like a wonderland (thanks John Mayer). Seriously. You don’t need to distract them with toys or mobiles or any of that stuff yet, because their hands and feet are excitement enough. I swear on everything holy she spent an hour the other day tripping out over her hands like she was at a Grateful Dead show.

I think it is worth it to let your baby enjoy this time of being stimulated just by being alive and in their body. Unless my baby is upset, or making seriously frustrated sounds, I try and just let her do her thing. That way, they can stay entertained longer with minimal interference from you, and you have more time to do things for yourself. I think the more you feel pressure to entertain your baby, the more your baby will demand it. So far, what I have experienced is the best way to interact with her is make faces. After I make a couple of faces showing different emotions, she is so pumped she goes back to kicky-kicky punch time and staring at the ceiling.

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