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James Foley, ISIS, The Perpetual War for Resources

James Foley was a courageous man who knowingly risked his life for the pursuit of the truth. He wanted to expose the injustices committed against the Syrian people, and his morality took precedent over his safety. The Islamic extremist group ISIS recently beheaded him, and is now threatening to kill more.

Murdering a journalist is a horrific attempt to have an impact on American foreign policy. ISIS is demanding Obama leave Iraq or else another kidnapped journalist will be executed. Yet they have to know these brutal acts are ultimately ineffective when it comes to having genuine influence on the White House’s decisions. Even though the American people will be devastated to watch more innocent citizens die, the political system will not adapt because of the sacrifice of the few.

The American government has an agenda with Iraq, and it is far more complex than conceding to ISIS. ISIS is targeting the US because the American vision for Iraq is in direct conflict with what ISIS is trying to organize. ISIS wants a complete failure of Iraq in order to create a Sunni Islamic state – the rationale being that if there is going to be a Jewish State, then there must be an Islamic one as well. ISIS has exploited the chaos in Syria to hold territory, and funds itself through oil and extortion. The land ISIS is trying to dominate is obviously rich with oil, as Iraq is home to 4% of the earth’s oil supply – which is the 5th largest in the world.

A military presence in the Middle East gives the U.S. leverage to shape political outcomes, and benefit economically from that molding. America has already empowered the Shia majority – whose Prime Minster refuses to accommodate Sunnis. That is like if Iraq came to the US during our Civil War and gave tanks and advanced military gear to the South/North. Our intervention to embolden one group has drastically angered the other.

Despite how much trauma it would cause if subsequent journalists suffer the same fate as James Foley, the stakes are too high for the US government. This is hard to conceptualize because the wars we fight are not on our land. The relationships we have to them are more abstract than if we were being constantly attacked on our home turf. We can feel compassion for the families who lose their loved ones overseas, or a deep anger for the injustices of good people dying – but our daily lives are impacted differently by war than in the lands where the actual fighting is occurring. Bombing and airstrikes are not going to stop a momentum so strong it has taken over the Middle East.

There is an extreme desperateness on the part of this radical faction, because although ISIS craves supremacy, it is still dwarfed by the Iraqi army and its allies. This has created a culture where barbaric acts amplify their voice on the global stage. To get attention politically, ISIS engages in drastic attempts to be heard. The pursuit for power blended with religious fundamentalism breeds a mentality that rejects humanity. Yet this story is not new, and will continue to be a theme because religion and the fight over resources are the prevailing components of war. They represent the most fundamental parts of the human experience – the will to survive, the desire for power, and the fear of death.

The violence won’t stop with ISIS just as it didn’t stop with Al-Qaeda (who recently splintered from ISIS). Many predicted this type of uprising, as it is the logical consequence of US interference. The only way these perpetual wars will end is if the heads of state recognize the importance of sharing and distributing the earth’s precious resources in a more reasonable way that prioritizes humanity over power.


4 Responses to James Foley, ISIS, The Perpetual War for Resources

  1. Tom Barry says:

    This is an emotionally powerful piece of writing and one that I do not entirely disagree therewith. Agreed James Foley had courage in his acts. Agreed his execution is horrific. Agreed this will have no impact whatsoever on U.S. Foreign Policy. // Agreed the United States has an Agenda with Iraq. Agreed the international presence in Iraq benefits the United States and partners. These facts are nearly indisputable and things to which I think any reasonable person would agree. // This said, your article is duplicitous in a number of ways (i.e. in its assertion that this is not about the fundamental security of American citizens and in its logical conclusion that we should ‘make a deal’ with the radical terror group ISIS). Where we principally differ here is in your assertion that this WAR is not being fought on the U.S. Mainland (even if this is hard for you to conceptualize). Whereas a naive person might believe this, or someone who is looking to utilize a slick narrative trick, i.e. THE BIG LIE, such a tactic has no place in reasoned argument. // Rather, when we have agents in our U.S. government i.e. Hillary Clinton (or as I like to call ‘them’ the Riady-Clinton syndicate), who fund ISIS through taxpayer money, funnel arms to ISIS (again with taxpayer money), and urge chaos in the Middle East all in the name of PEACE, we are left with no other choice than to fight wars in foreign lands to subdue their armies. As an alternative, would you rather see Armies marching in New York City, Little Rock Arkansas, Dublin New Hampshire? // So when you say the violence won’t stop, I completely agree with you. The violence will not stop. The violence will not stop until we rid our government of the Agent Provocateurs who know no allegiance but to Mammon, start wars their children will never fight in because they are too busy committing bank fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud like Marc (‘I Fuck a Buck Tooth’) Mezvinsky’s bitch ass Dad, and consort at High Society Functions with clever names like #noceilings all the while robbing us/the national treasury fucking blind – all for the Robber Barrons. // In conclusion, I agree, lets prioritize humanity over power. To do this, I assert we need to rid this country, YES THIS COUNTRY, of its Agent Provocateurs i.e. the Clinton-Riady syndicate.

  2. Laszlo Nagy says:

    So Toni here are my two cents on this. One doesn’t really know who or what is behind ISIS except that it is a terrorist organization. The people who it is designed to hurt from the point of view of public relations are Muslims and any American suspicious of “the war on terror” to begin with. What I’d like to see is cooperation between the United States, Russia, and China (the three nuclear superpowers) over this ISIS. Otherwise, I think it is just a bad trip that they show you on CNN to scare the bejeezus out of one. This is not to say that there aren’t real victims and mayhem caused by this rougely funded and peopled organization. But rather, it is to suggest that one ought to look at and find out exactly where did this bad bunch get their money, guns, and people (many of whom are drugged out assassins). My two cents 😉

  3. Khy Logan says:

    This Barry person seems a little cray cray (he must need a little love in his life?), this davidson person posted an excellent article (which I read this time) presenting a reasoned view regarding bounds not to full scale up the present initiative in Iraq, but the Laszlo guy (despite the sorted references to the ‘drug culture’, did he drink too much coffee this morning?) seems to make the most reasoned/valid argument of the four. // Whereas I do not agree that China needs or deserves a seat at the table on this one, I do agree that until things deescalate with the Russians the present conundrum is less than ideally workable. Viz. let’s cut the middle men out and directly negotiate if/when the time is right. Until then, I am reminded of a historical quote which any fan of history (like davidson) is sure to understand, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

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