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I Want it Because YOU Want it!

Has this ever happened to you? You are hungry, you go into the kitchen to make a sammich, and someone is in there. You say to them “I am going to make a sammich do you want one?” And they respond to you “No thanks. I am not hungry.” Now, you were perfectly willing to make them their own, sammich, but you are hungry, and when your sammich is done you are looking forward to eating the entire thing. After one delicious chomp you hear “Can I have a bite?”

I don’t know about you, but I hate when people do this to me, and yet I do it to people all the time.

What is it about other people’s things that makes me what them?

I see this tendency in The Munch already, and sometimes I even use it to my advantage. If she is bored with her toy, but I want her to still be entertained, I will take whatever it is, and put it my mouth and act like I am having the best time. I will remark on the texture of said object, look at it intently, and maybe even give it a kiss. This makes The Munch what that toy more than ever! She reaches out her arms, opens her mouth in eagerness, and grunts “Give me that thing!!! You are having so much fun with it!”

Even babies think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. There is something about someone else’s desire that makes it all the more attractive. How many times do people get interested in their best friend’s girl, or like a guy more because your friend said he was cute? Or you are about to give away a shirt, and the fact that someone actually wants it makes you want to keep it? Maybe that other person’s longing validates your own. Or maybe we just want to possess everything that someone else has because then we feel better than them?

Munch: “Hey, I got this orange foot here… I am thinking of getting rid of it.”
Calvin: “Don’t do that, I will take that foot.”

Munch: “Naw… actually, I am gonna just keep it.”

Calvin: “No… gimme that thing! You said you didn’t want it.”
Munch: “Well I want it now!”

Munch “Look at this cool orange foot I got. I really love it.”