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How Do Kids Have So Much Energy?

Why do kids have so much energy?  Their bodies and brains are in a constant state of growth, and one would assume that would be exhausting.  All those cells multiplying, organs pumping, bone marrow brewing.  It seems like a lot of work, and they still spend their entire days running around like a fugitive on fire.

There is no need for a child to exorcise.  You don’t see toddlers doing crunches to work on their core.  Their lives are a perpetual state of movement; their entire existence is in the flow.

But how does The Munch have all this rampant vitality?  She takes every opportunity to run, trot, or gallop regardless of how long or short the distance.  Where does this endless vigor for life come from?

Perhaps it is because their muscles are so supple?  They don’t have the same lactic acid build up that we do?  Or maybe it is due to their ceaseless fascination with everything and anything around them?  The world is still so full of mystery and wonder.  They are just tripping out on the mere fact of being alive, for it hasn’t even been that long.  Life is still wild simply by experiencing it.

But maybe the answer is more obvious and right under my nose.  It is because Munch has started a crystal meth lab in her crib.  I have decided to stake it out and installed some hidden cameras.  So far I haven’t caught her….yet!

“I am running through the ferns Mamma! Then I am going to run to the tree! Then I am going to run back through the ferns, through the trees, up the hill, down the hill, back to the house, then down the hill, then through the ferns again!”