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Childhood Friends

Do you ever feel as an adult you are more opportunist about the friends you make? That you tend to gravitate towards people who can help you further your career, are also parents, or have the most potent weed? That you have more of an agenda with the company you keep then you did when you were a kid?

That is why childhood friends are so exceptional. You didn’t care how much money they had, if their father was an ambassador, or that they were a little bit worse looking therefor making you better looking by comparison. My childhood criteria for friendship was do you jump rope, like roller skating, enjoy making cookies, watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and have an affinity for fruit roll-ups. Throw in the capacity to touch the tip of your tongue to your nose and I was in love.

Do you notice how with your childhood friends, you can go without seeing them for years and yet when you do come together it is like you were never apart? No awkward small talk about your wheat allergy, and instead can plunge right into why you hate yourself in the morning and how to get rid of those pesky pumps on the back of your arms and ass.

And isn’t there so much laughter in remembering you childhood with someone? So much comfort in allowing them to bring out the person you once were when all you cared about was perfecting your cartwheel and who could hold their breath the longest under water. I wish someone would want to be my friends just because my sneakers lit up and I had a puppy.

The Munch and one of my childhood besties Bizba!