Belly Button

Do have those pet peeves where even the thought of them makes your teeth itch? Little things like the sound of teeth scraping against a fork, someone pushing a bruise, the texture of over starched sheets, or the sound of my voice… those personal quirks of life that bother you beyond what your rational mind can articulate.

I have this thing about people touching my belly button. I really don’t want anyone to touch my belly button. Ever. It is just too sensitive a body part. To many folds and dips and mysterious material.

It is not just the physicality that troubles me, but the deeper connotation as well. The belly button represents our individuality as much as our dependence on other people. The transformation from parasite to being totally alone in this cold cold world. Naval gazing is actually a pretty meaningful activity when you think about it, but then again, thinking about gazing at your naval is pretty weird so stop.

Of course… The Munch loves touch my belly button. She finds so much joy in poking it while making sound effects that make me question my sense of self. Her little finger feels like it is penetrating my soul with every push and it drives me nuts. But how can I deny her? Even though it freaks me out more than Glenn Beck, what kind of parent would I be if I let on how much it bothers me? Then I would give her a complex about her belly button being touched. Sigh… what’s next? Is she going to grow up to be a Tea Bagger?

It is like a bulls eye daring to be poked I guess…

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