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Beauty Is A Rainbow (of hair)

When you bring your child into a public space, there is a pretty good chance that someone might overhear your conversation and judge you as a parent. This is especially the case when you frequent a new-agey organic restaurant where the seats are painfully close to each other, and the diners next to you are hyper-critical snobs… but in a non-critical accepting way. Yet just because you know someone is listening in on your conversation doesn’t mean you have to self censor. Sometimes you’ve got to speak the truth, even if that means dealing with dirty looks from hippies.

Toni: I kind of want to dye my hair red like the color of this doll’s hair.
Munch: You do?! How come Mamma?
Toni: I don’t know. I guess I am sick of my hair color.
Munch: I want to dye my hair too then!
Toni: Okay. What color?
Munch: BROWN!
Toni: What?! NO! Not brown! You have beautiful blond hair Munch. Why would you want to dye your hair brown?
Munch: Because you have brown hair Mamma, and I want to be just like you!
Toni: Munch that is really sweet, but your hair is awesome. I wish I had yellow hair like you because there is so much more you can do with it. Like you could dye your hair pink if you wanted?
Munch: No Mamma. BROWN! I want to dye my hair brown!
Toni: What about purple! It would be so easy. You wouldn’t have to bleach it or anything. You see my hair is too dark for that….
Munch: Mamma, I want brown hair.
Toni: Dude there is no way I am going to let that happen. What about blue!!! It would look so rad with your eyes! We could do blue streaks!
Munch: Nope brown.
Toni: Okay fine. I guess neither of us will dye our hair then.


2 Responses to Beauty Is A Rainbow (of hair)

  1. olgadavidson says:

    You have beautiful hair! You could highlight is with sort of caramel hues and it would be gorgeous. Adelia’ hair will shift to being strawberry blond, like Grandma or Auntie Gita. But right now she is very blond but I can see the hue changing. Colors not found in nature look stupid, IMHO.

  2. Crates Johnson says:

    Show her this, maybe she’ll think it’s cool. And I’m pretty sure all of these colors can be found in nature 🙂


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