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A Song in Your Heart

One of the more exiting aspects of parenting is those moments where your child makes a developmental shift that blows your mind so much that your brain innards ooze out your nose and ears and cascades the contours of your face. Your kid goes from having zero capacity to do something, and then the next day they suddenly have the ability. It is truly remarkable to witness the actual connecting of synapsis as their brain matures.

Recently The Munch has started singing. Her favorite song right now is “ring around the rosie” which is a bit morose, but she is really into it. We sing it holding hands swaying back and forth, we sing it to her baby, we sing it to her facecloths in the bath… But this idea of music coming into her life is really meaningful. No longer are songs an outside force of entertainment, but now an actual energetic force that she can create!

It makes me think back to a time in human evolution that was pre-music. Who was that first person who starting grunting in rhythm, humming to a beat, and what effect did it have on those around them? All animals have sound, some more musical then others, but are the intention of those noises for pleasure or for communication? Are birds singing for the beauty of it, or because they are trying to get laid? The human desire to create and appreciate music is so engrained in our culture that I tend to believe that all members of the animal kingdom have their own artistic expression of sound. That there is an auditory need to marvel at the capacity ears have, and challenge what vocal cords can manifest. Now if I can only get The Munch to broaden her horizons because I am covered in bruises from all the times I have to “all fall down.”

4 Responses to A Song in Your Heart

  1. holly says:

    She is twenty months old and already singing?! I was beside myself when she said a sentence with a descriptive clause. This child is truly remarkable!

  2. alia says:

    i had a feeling she was a closet soprano! she gots the looks, the drama, the cheekbones and the star sign to match! and natural-born singers start singing at exactly 20 months! I think all kids should learn music and experiment with their voices whether they are natural musicians or not; its the most excellent brain development one can ask for (it is not uncommon to find tone-deaf classical violinists in top orchestras coz they train a lot) and of course everything is music! A pre-music world? LOL love the oxymoron! kinda like pre-pulse life? there is melody and rhythm in everything, breathing is rhythm, walking is rhythm, time is rhythm; Ever found yourself dancing but there’s no music playing? Its in our heads! everything makes a unique sound! but yes! i always believed there must have been some sort of evolutionary shift the moment man started playing music consciously using their bodies, voices, clapping, clicking and then with bits of wood, metal, leather and stones- they realized they were different to the other animals, tapped into that little spark of divinity within and “invented” time, something that was already there but all of a sudden could be controlled, played with and manipulated; either tamed or allowed to fly! And most importantly: Making music has NO evolutionary purpose what-so-ever! (Unless one happens to be some soul-less talent-less idiot who thinks they can make money with it) Its immaterial! Its free! yet we can’t live without it! Like love! Its divine and human at the same time! It kinda rocks! and kids singing are the best! they are so free they haven’t been polluted by others’ desires and projections onto them, they express themselves and smile and within seconds look like they’re on heavy Ecstasy pills when in fact its just the music which makes them so happy! And when they dance… aaaawwwww Sheer Divinity! The other day i was out with olga and her baby, he just refused to stop crying and olga was trying so hard poor thing and she was like Alia do something i’m gonna faint- and i didnt even have time to think- i just started belting out “A whole new world” from Aladdin (LOL da best) and Sebastian just stopped crying immediately while she still held him- a bit later he started singing himself; at first he was surprised then he thought what the hell i can do that too and he went for it and also gave me a flower and did a curtsy- a little gentleman in the making and perhaps also a closet tenor! Ahhh remembering that scene just put a huge smile on my face! Kids are unbelievable…

  3. alia says:

    oops just realized my comment looks longer than your post! haha and did I actually try to get away with stating that love has no evolutionary purpose whatsoever? I’m such a retard. love between a man and a woman duh is the reason we re all here- DUH or uncontrolled sexual impulse or something really awful like rape! oh well- but what about the love and compassion most of us feel for those suffering? the unconditional love we have for all these people that have never and will never help us in any way. We try to help them without expecting anything back. I think that makes us human. And divine! THAT and music…

  4. Emily says:

    I will send a copy of “A Tale of Two Cities” for her to start on next, sounds like she is ready.

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